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GeoStrata Job Descriptions

Senior Observer: The Senior Observer is responsible for all aspects of operating and troubleshooting the company owned and operated recording systems (ARAM24 MKII, SERCEL 408 UL) as well as being responsible for management, organization and training of all recording crew activities. A strong knowledge in recording electronics is required for the repair and maintenance of recording equipment. The Senior Observer reports directly to the Party Manager.

Observer: The Observer must be qualified and have knowledge of the ARAM24 MKII and SERCEL 408 UL recording systems and is responsible for managing the daily recording operations including a recording crew of up to forty crewmembers. The Observer is also responsible for equipment inventory and reports directly to the Senior Observer.

Coordinator: The Line Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance; deployment, retrieval and tracking of all recording equipment associated with the on-line operation and for the daily assignment of line crews. The Coordinator may be responsible for orientation, training and supervision of the recording crew and for operation of the Kodiak system. The Line Coordinator reports directly to the Observer and the Senior Observer.

Trouble Shooter: The Troubleshooter is responsible for the deployment, retrieval and troubleshooting of all recording equipment associated with the on-line operation as well as being responsible for maintaining, replacing and repairing such equipment. The Troubleshooter reports direction to the Observer,

Shooter: The Shooter is responsible for the organization, operation and monitoring of all seismic blasting equipment and explosives as well as being responsible for training and monitoring shooter’s helpers. The Shooter must possess a valid blasting certificate, driver’s license and quad certification and may also be required to assist the line crew, as requested by senior personnel. The Shooter reports directly to the Observer.

Line Driver: The Line Truck Driver is responsible, based on instructions from the Line Coordinator, for the layout, pickup and transportation of all on-line recording equipment. The LTD must possess a valid driver’s license and is responsible for a six member crew. The Line Truck Driver reports directly to the Line Coordinator.

Recording Helper: The Recording Crew Helper (“jughound”, “juggie” “hound”) is responsible for the placement and connection of all cables, geophones and other ground equipment. Advancement to a more senior position on the recording crew requires skills and experience that can only be gained on the recording crew. The Recording Crew Helper reports directly to the Line Truck Driver.